Trouble Uploading Videos?


I used to have trouble uploading videos to my Instagram. For those who don’t know, videos must be under 15 seconds. Even after that I still faced an error trying to upload because my video wasn’t a specific codec. The app above is the solution to uploading any video. You can convert your video and adjust lengths of your video. Some people state the app is slow. I’ve also heard it had issues with Galaxy Note 3 and 2, (not confirmed). Comment if this app helped you.


Amazing Effect With Photo App


PhotoFunia is a photo editing app that places your photos realistically in different settings.

The same photo in a London scene:


The app works by choosing an effect. Then you choose to upload an existing photo or take a new picture. Some effects require just your face. They’re a few customizable options for specific effects like lighting, texture, frame, color, and style. Right now the app has 401 effects and is completely free with no ads, available at the Google Play Store.

Increase Traffic to your Instagram

1. Find your niche.

2. Like photos that are relevant to your niche.

3. Engage people by commenting on their photo.

4. Ask questions that are involving. For example, if someone posts a picture about their BMW that you like, ask about it’s mileage.

5. Make a simple name.

6. Make sure your front picture is interesting.

7. Like photos with #recent4recent.

8. Post your Instagram on social media sites.

9. Use Stumbleupon to display your pictures to the world.

10. Use Iconosquare to promote your photos.








Celebrities That Don’t Have Instagram

mila kunis

1. Megan Fox : Facebook is the most I can handle right now.

2. Daniel Radcliffe: If I join then requesting privacy won’t be taken seriously.

3. Mila Kunis: People don’t need to know.

4. George Clooney: It’s not smart.

5. Bradley Cooper: Personal life and my character don’t mix.

6. Kristen Stewart: I could be killed.

7. Julia Roberts: I like to interact directly.

8. Jennifer Lawrence: Pinterest? I bought a CD case recently…

9. Ralph Fiennes: I’m worried about our language

10. Daniel Craig: Social networking?

Best App For Likes on Instagram



PopU 2: Get Likes on Instagram

How it works:

Credits are given when you like photos. 2 credits for one like. You can cash in credits over 10, choose pictures you want and get likes. Likes will come in a shortly, they are not instant.   You can earn credits for free by completing offers.


– Unlike similar apps such as “likedike”, “likeboost”, etc, this app doesn’t use robots. The app promotes your pictures to real people.

– No username or password is stored or used.

– There is no auto liker feature, and there is a delay timer for people who spam the like button. In other words, you earn  more genuine likes.

– From my personal experience there is no limit to how many pictures you like in the app.

Instagram- Face of A New Generation

old people

Have YOU ever seen Instagramers over age 50?

– Go ahead and think about it, I’ll give you ample time to answer…

– The thought occurred that I rarely, if ever see pictures of old people on Instagram

– The only exception I can think of is younger folks taking pictures with their family members.

– I wonder why? Considering Facebook has has a higher ratio of old users, and I don’t think it’s because it has more users.

– The one reason I can think of is Instagram being an app only for the phone. Also, the percentage of smart phone owners starting at age 45 is 26%. By age 65, it drops to a mere 6%. Then you have to consider how many of them actually know how to use the device. From personal experience, I had to teach plenty of aged citizens how to use their smartphone. Sure, some may know a few tricks from watching, but surfing the web, giving voice commands, and downloading apps may take some teaching. Generally for their purpose, they probably won’t need a phone with everything, just one that can call. What are YOUR thoughts?

Source: graph ihpone