How to get followers on Instagram Free And Fast

 Want more followers? 


Simple Ways to Increase Followers:


1. “GetFollowers” app is one of the quickest ways to earn followers. The application promotes you through its app to other users. You are promoted by earning coins(4) from following other people. If you don’t want to follow others, you can choose to earn free coins by completing surveys, downloading apps, or signing up for offers. Coins are taken away if you immediately unfollow or within three days. You can safely unfollow after 5 days.

2. “Get Followers for Instagram” is another app similar to the previous. With the exception there is no penalty for unfollowing. The user earns one coin for each person he/she follows. Two coins are used to get one follower. There is no option for free coins. Beware when it asks to set a goal for followers set it low, you’ll be required to reach that goal to chip in coins.

 3. Popular hashtags like: #followme, #follow, #girl, can help increase traffic to your Instagram. Type these in search and give a “like” for every picture recently posted. You can take a step further and give a like to several pictures on someones account. If you have time, choose ones who follow a lot more than they have followers. Instagram limits 350 likes per hour. Updated trends here

4. By following then unfollowing famous people like Justin Bieber. Fans like to follow his followers/fans. The idea is to remain at the top of the list of his updated followers, so when they follow random you’re included. Follow him, then unfollow every ten seconds or so, (Find a pace that works best for you). However, over time you’ll find you can no longer follow  him or anyone else. Instagram bans you from following/unfollowing too much, 160  people per hour. On average you have to wait about eight hours before you can follow again. So it’s best to do it before bedtime. Limits on Instagram



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