Instagram Followers: How do I get hundreds of followers?


If you have trouble getting followers, follow these tips to help you:

* Post Interesting pictures

If your someone who posts a lot of selfies,  try to diversify your pictures. Provide different scenes  in your background.  You’re more likely to gossip about a picture of someone standing in front of the Eiffel Tower than one depicting your room.

* Consistency

Be consistent with your content. Someone who likes your picture will look for more. This is great because you gain legitimate followers who care about what you post.

* Organize

Believe it, humans perform better when their organized. Create a schedule for when you want to post pictures. This way your followers know when to expect a new image. Also, keep your account updated to show people you’re active. In order to help prevent you from losing followers. Remember, “Active = Attractive.”

* Tags

Search for popular tags regarding your niche. Like every photo, and some might follow back.  Doing this creates more traffic to your page, and gathers you into a circle of people with similar interests. I gained 200 followers in one day with the “followforlike” tag.

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