Instagram- Face of A New Generation

old people

Have YOU ever seen Instagramers over age 50?

– Go ahead and think about it, I’ll give you ample time to answer…

– The thought occurred that I rarely, if ever see pictures of old people on Instagram

– The only exception I can think of is younger folks taking pictures with their family members.

– I wonder why? Considering Facebook has has a higher ratio of old users, and I don’t think it’s because it has more users.

– The one reason I can think of is Instagram being an app only for the phone. Also, the percentage of smart phone owners starting at age 45 is 26%. By age 65, it drops to a mere 6%. Then you have to consider how many of them actually know how to use the device. From personal experience, I had to teach plenty of aged citizens how to use their smartphone. Sure, some may know a few tricks from watching, but surfing the web, giving voice commands, and downloading apps may take some teaching. Generally for their purpose, they probably won’t need a phone with everything, just one that can call. What are YOUR thoughts?

Source: graph ihpone


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