Instagram’s Biggest Douchebag Assigned To Psych Ward


Itslavishbitch, a controversial instagrammer who infamously boasts about his wealth on Instagram, was convicted for selling an iPhone on craigslist.

60k Watch Beef with Souljaboy

His real name, Param Sharma, is expected to serve 3 months in jail. Ironically Sharma was under 30k bail, and admitted to the jails pysch award accidentally for the first two weeks.


He often starts “beef” with celebrities. Calling out big names like Floyd Mayweather low class and Kim Kardashian cheap. His diction often involves the words  peasant, cheap, and broke. However, you can find itslavishbitch arguing with just about anyone, including his fans.


As it stands, whether your opinion of itslavishbitch may be to love, hate, or declare he’s an infamous attention whore, Sharma does whatever he can do for more Instagram fame.



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