Amber Rose Posts Nude Picture On Instagram Before They Leak.


In case you haven’t heard Amber Rose recently filed to divorce Wiz Khalifa.

Not only that earlier, because of the recent 4chan hackers leaking celebrity  nude pictures, Amber felt compelled to get the “heads up” on the hackers before they could leak her pictures. So she decided to post a semi-revealing nude picture on herself on Instagram, (now deleted).

Her caption read, “Well before anyone tries to hack me I figured I’d release a brand new pic of how I actually look from the back. It’s only right… Enjoy.”

Her response to the Fappening Scandal angered many fans, accusing Amber of being a married woman with no class. Saying, that she was bringing more harm to her family and her husband Wiz Khalifa. Amber never responded but the picture was taken down shortly.


Nuggets Guard Ty Lawson Jokes About James Harden And Cowboys On Instagram

On Sunday, Ty Lawson re-posted an image from Instagram showing James Harden wearing a photoshopped Dallas Cowboy headset.

The friendly jab immediately went viral when  Lawson captioned it,“Cowboys defensive coordinator #Rp”

When responses came in, Lawson tweeted he was just joking about the Harden post.

Essentially, the post criticizes the Cowboy’s and Harden’s defense.

5 Instagramers You Should Know


1. Jen Selter became famous for her butt. As of now she has amounted 4 million followers. She works hard in the gym, to keep her self fit and even gained an endorsement deal from it. Her butt is probably the most recognized butt on Instagram.

2. Nature has millions of Instagram followers. Nature posts breathtaking photos of our world.  Photographers can send their shots to nature, to gain popularity, and followers.

3.  Tipsforjesus is an Instagram account that posts reactions of people after leaving thousand dollar tips at restaurants. That’s pretty generous if you ask me.

4.  kinglos is a fan favorite. If you’re into hip-hop and rap, this is the man for you. Many regard him as the best rapper alive. When it comes to his freestyle skills, you have to give credit where it’s due.

5. itslavishbitch has attained a massive following of 390k followers boasting about money. His controversial acts include putting two grand on a balloon then letting it go.